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February 2012

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Albany Round 18

vs cuzzakenji

Play it



i don't understand

what is wrong with AWOL? i think that you need to fork the board. LO is much easier to block and score off of without giving you a spot in return.
ABSENT without leave is impossible unless it's an out play.
I thought AWOL was a perfectly reasonable play too, but I think LO is best in part because it keeps more of the rack together (while offering the same score). Even with the tile pool being extremely favorable, you'd rather draw into -ANORS versus -NORS if you can, all else equal (and it's probably worth the absence of the Row 1 line that AWOL creates). There's certainly no guarantee to have a spot for your bingo (if you hit it), but there's a solid chance it will go down.

Another interesting thing about LO is that it's not that easy to hammer you on the comeback. Marlon could have a really good play there, but it's unlikely he does. And he might feel obligated to go there for a modest score simply to take away your best line.
it is a SINGLE tile that goes atop the A of AWOL that is the very REASON AWOL is a TERRIBLE play--AGAIN, REGARDLESS of da leave (and THAT is PREDICATED on the CIRCUMCSTANCES).

BOARD POSITION (PRE AND POST PLAY) AND the GAMEESCORE are the FACTORS that SHOULD determine CHOICE of play--MUCH more so than LEAVE. Tangentially, THIS is PARTIALLY WHY QUACKLE is a RAUNCHY BAD TOOL BECAUSE it give FAR TOO MUCH WEIGHT to LEAVE. The LARGER part of the problem with listening to a duck is that people don't QUACK--da shit a duck SAY is thusly MISUNDERSTOOD ASIDE from the quackin bout leave. i don't NEED quackle to tell me i aint even SEE THERMION--which i woulda played--OR da bingo in my rack when i played HO (it aint play, but didn't SEE it). NOBODY SHOULD NEED a duck or anybody else to tell em what my play was when i did dat idiotic HO. i fucked up.

Hector's parenthetical commentary about the row 1 line cretated is ENTIRELY the POINT. The extant bingo lines would suffice WITHOUT the row 1 offer (fuckin GIFTWRAP). Jason made a BAD play basically GIVING me the game and i made a WORSE play (HO) NOT fuckin taking it.

In ALL HONESTY, i DESERVED to lose CUZ i was bein SMUG WHILE admiring my leave (which i gave WAY too much weight--i played REAL BAD). Jason also made the RIGHT endplay--which the pool HELPED him find (he KNEW he couldn't play shit in row 1).

as a footnote, my ULNAE leave was IES AND i drew DT AFTER HO. WHAT is the SIGNIFICANCE??? the T would be OVERKILL, but D SHOULD drive the point all the way home (and it WOULD IFF players spent a tenth as much time--meanin fuckin ANY--lookin at shit over the board vs listening to a gotdayum duck like dey fuckin UNDERSTAND quackin. this aint no gotdayum AFLAC commercial).

If THIS was a classroom the QUIZ would be WHAT SHOULD have been the FINAL score (after AWOL).
"The LARGER part of the problem with listening to a duck is that people don't QUACK..."

I like this quote a lot! I do think people have the potential to interpret what Quackle says alright, though most don't or do it poorly, and you can develop plenty of good skills without trying to quack (why try to waddle when you could learn to run?)
Once you admit a mentor, you are stuck with the mentor's faults, and it is EXTREMELY difficult to unlearn them. In the case of a computer, computers don't think. Therefore, if you're trying to learn from something that doesn't think, then...